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Headboards: Tips and Tricks

If you asked somebody to draw a picture of a bed the chances are it would resemble something like a divan bed and headboard. It is the simplest, yet most popular bed style in the UK but this doesn’t mean they are all the same. On first glance they make look all the same however there are lots of different factors to keep in mind when deciding on what you shall have.

     Think of your bedroom as a blank canvas with the Divan Base being a foundation for you to customise your bed with your preferred mattress and favourite headboard design and colour. Not only are Divan Beds perfect for any bedroom in terms of colour, style and size, they are also a great extra storage solution for any home.

Our expert team have put together some simple tips for you to use, to help guide you through the process.



Choosing the right size

The first step to your new Divan Base is to start by deciding on the size you require. The beauty with a Divan Base is the slimline size, they are not chunky items, so sometimes upgrading to a bigger size wouldn’t affect you as much and can make your room feel more relaxing and possibly cosy. With homes now being made even smaller, especially bedrooms, it can be a hard task to organise with all the essential items needed, so a slimline Divan Bed can be the perfect solution to give you a designer bed made for your home.

     At The Bedroom Shop we offer ALL standard sizes of bases but we also can make any base, headboard or mattress to suit a specific size at not much more that your standard sizes. Standard sizes are as follows;


2FT6 SMALL SINGLE 75CM X 190CM                                           3FT SINGLE 90CM X 190CM

4FT SMALL DOUBLE 120CM X 190CM                                       4FT6 DOUBLE 135CM X 190CM

5FT KING SIZE 150CM X 200CM                                           6FT SUPER KING 180CM X 200CM




Storage Options

The next important decision to make is deciding on your storage options. A storage bed can be a great way to store items you may not need to access daily or even for the larger items that can sometimes hold up valuable space in your wardrobes. When deciding on options, don’t always select 4 drawers as you THINK that’s more storage. Select the most practical for your bedroom; will you be able to use all drawers? Will you be able to lift an ottoman with your ceiling height if you are in an attic conversion? There are lots of things to consider however please see below for a step to each storage option.

2 Drawer Divan Base – 2 Drawer Divan Bases are the traditional storage option that are perfect for smaller rooms that have limited available floor space on perhaps 1 side or opening drawers at the top end could prove difficult. You can choose wherever would be best to have your drawers to suit your room shape and size the best. You can also have a ‘Continental Drawer’ to allow room for a bedside whilst also providing storage.

4 Drawer Divan Base – 4 Drawer Divan Bases are the traditional storage option perfect for any room that have available floor space or perhaps to store items that access is not needed to at all times i.e. winter bedding/clothes.

End Drawer Divan Base – End Drawer Divan Bases are a modern twist on the traditional storage option that are perfect for smaller rooms with limited floor space. Dependant on the size of your bed, they differ in size but can be the perfect solution to store extra bedding, shoes, handbags or even children’s toys!

Ottoman Storage Beds – The newest creation to the market are our gas-lift storage beds. Available with all our Fabric Bedframes & also as a Divan Base they are storage option that really can MAXMISE all your storage solutions. The full area of your bed can be used as storage with ease as you simply lift up to access all your handbags, gym equipment, suitcases and well just about anything. Available as an end lift OR side lift dependant on your room design they really are perfect if you are perhaps struggling for space or just simply want a tidy and efficient way to store extra valuables.

Whatever storage option for your bed you decide is best for you ensure you keep in mind the items you will be storing underneath. Think about;

  • Size of items
  • Space you have
  • How often you will need access
  • Do you really need to keep it?


Headboard Designs

After deciding on your Bed Size & Divan Base it is now time to decide your Headboard Height, Design, Detail and Final Colour of Base and Headboard. We have a range of our most popular designs to choose from with detailing options and we also can make ANY design or ANY height you prefer. With all designs, you have a choice of 2 standard sizes and also any height you prefer. Standard sizes are as follows;

When deciding on a headboard, especially 4ft6, 5ft and 6ft, please ensure and check before ordering we will be able to deliver this to the desired room without any problems. For example, floor standing headboards are extremely large so difficulties could occur. For an extra charge they can be made in 4 pieces and assembled in the room but if you are ever unsure, just give our team a call and they can be on hand to assist in anyway.

       Once you have decided the height of your headboard it is time to decide the design. We have a range of designs ranging from cube, vertical lines, buttoned outline border and also winged. Also, as previously mentioned, we can create ANY design you wish with any detail or colour.

       After you have decided on design it is time to choose your detail options between buttons or crystals. There is no right or wrong answer and it is whatever you prefer for you room design.


Fabric and Colour Options

The final step is to decide on your fabric and colour choice for both your base and headboard. Fabrics include Chenille, Crushed Velvet, Plush, Velvet and Leather. Should you not see a colour you hoped for, please ask our team as we may be able to provide this for you.

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At The Bedroom Shop Ltd we are proud to offer a range of different headboards for you to choose from in a variety of sizes, designs, fabrics, colours and detail. We are also proud to offer a bespoke service in which we can make ANY headboard design, in ANY size. With over 50 colour and fabric choices it really is so easy to find what is perfect for you.